The "F*ck It" Attitude

“It’s Tuesday and I ate crap for the past 2 days... I’ll just start eating clean on Monday.”

Have you ever said anything like this to yourself? If so, you are not alone. This is what we refer to as the “F*ck It” attitude and it can be incredibly destructive to your success. Let's talk about why.

When making any sort of long term change, especially with fitness and nutrition, most people give themselves a “start date." Often, this date is based around whatever is going on in our lives. For example, when you have a vacation coming up in a week, you are likely going to set a date for nutrition and/or exercise change for the day after you get back. In a situation where you don't have a major event, Monday is the basic go-to start because hey! Monday! No one wants to start being healthier on a Friday when you can spend the weekend having fun and splurging on whatever you want. What difference is a couple of days going to make anyway, right?

Having a start date for a lifestyle change can create a great opportunity for commitment, but I'd like to give you a fresh perspective that can benefit you mentally as you tackle these changes. Let’s start thinking of nutrition and exercise change as a continuous journey rather than a weekly destination. What would happen if we took each day, meal, and bite, in addition to each training session and treated them as individual entities? While doing this mental exercise, also ignoring which meal of the day it is and what day of the week it might be and see what happens.


F*ck training

Let’s talk training first. Maybe the goal you set for yourself is to exercise 5 days per week and you are aiming for a Monday through Friday schedule, an initial plan we see commonly with people in the new year. Your plan, because you are really, really smart, is to begin on Monday of next week at Spindle! Monday comes around and your child has come home sick from school or your boss requires the TPS reports before you go home. Great way to start out your grand plan, huh? In the scenario, you come in for your first session on Tuesday and feel great! Wednesday comes around and you are in the middle of another fire drill at work and miss your session again. At this point, how do you feel about your start to your new fitness journey? Probably not very good and a little disappointed that you aren't achieving what you set out to, especially since you are so excited and ready for change this time.


At this point, if you are scoring at home, you have 5 days left this week to get in 4 more training sessions in. Then you look at your schedule and realize that your weekend is completely full, meaning you will get in, at most, 3 more times this week barring any other life obstacles.


What do you do in this situation?

Do you aim to come in Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday and settle on 4 sessions instead of 5?

Or do you use the “F*ck It” attitude and say “Well this is not the start I wanted, so I am going to blow off the rest of the week and try to get it right starting on Monday”?

While it can be hard to make the decision to finish out the week as strong as possible, knowing you will not make your 5 session goal, your body is going to be better off if you hit 2, 3 or 4 programs instead of only one. When it comes to exercise, doing some is ALWAYS better than doing none. The hard part is not kicking the can down the road using the “Fuck It” attitude, which, after a few times, can really set you back in achieving your goals.


F*ck my diet

Now, let’s talk nutrition, which is where this “Fuck It” attitude is such a major pain point for people. It can present itself in a very similar way as exercise within the context of looking at things week by week. Instead, let's try to look at nutrition on a smaller level.

What if you have a less desirable breakfast but then decide to have a great lunch and dinner that day? Awesome job! Another example - what if you end up at a pizza place with friends for dinner after a great day of clean eating? You decide, like most of us, that even though pizza doesn’t fit into your nutrition goals, you are just going to have a piece or two and fill up on salad instead. Great!

In both of these situations, it is MUCH easier to say, “Damn, I started off this day horribly so the whole day is ruined now. I am going to eat whatever I want the rest of the day and I’ll start fresh tomorrow.” Or, “I didn’t get to pick the place we were eating tonight and if I am going to eat pizza, I might as well go to town!" In reality, you are better off looking at each meal separately and doing the best you can instead of completely derailing after a mess up or tough situation.


Hopefully these examples show you how the “Fuck It” attitude can unravel your goals quite quickly and easily if you aren’t concious of it. Would you be more successful if you got even just a little bit better about your thought process? Challenge yourself to be in control of when and where you start and continue working toward your goals instead of binding yourself to days of the week or meals of the day.