Hello fierce Spindle exercisers! Today we are going to examine the most useful movement skill there is: the ability to get on and off the floor.

Although at Spindle we practice sexy things like Chin Ups, Deadlifts and Overhead Pressing, none of these things will impact your life like the ability to smoothly get from feet to floor and back up.


I’ll start by sharing a story: 

A few months ago my grandfather reached into his pocket for the keys to unlock his front door. He dropped them, and was locked out of his house for over an hour until a neighbor came by, picked his keys off the floor, and gave them back to him. 

It’s easy to dismiss this as a “getting old”. As in “well, that’s what happens when you get old.” 


The human body is designed to maintain its function until it expires. This means that you are designed to be able to get down, play with your grandchildren and get back up with minimal effort until the day you die. 

Here’s a fun test to assess your ability to sit and stand developed by a Brazilian doctor:


Have fun with it! If you find your score is lower than you like, let your programmer know, and the Spindle team will give you exercises and coaching to achieve your goals.

Get after it!